If you’re wondering how to choose a sport for your child, consider these benefits of tennis. Tennis is an excellent choice for kids because they can begin playing right away. With the right size racket and a few tennis balls, your child can enjoy a lifelong journey on the court. Your kids will be having fun, and as a parent, you’ll love these benefits your kids will get from tennis.

#1 – Tennis offers health benefits for kids.

One of the main reasons you’re probably looking to get your kids into sports is the benefits they’ll get from exercise. Tennis builds stamina and improves heart and lung health through cardiovascular movement. As a result, your child will develop a healthy immune system that helps them ward off all those colds they’re exposed to at school!

Your child will also build hand-eye coordination, balance, and flexibility. One great thing about tennis is that it develops your child’s gross and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills involve moving the major muscle groups such as arms and legs. Fine motor skills are smaller movements through wrists, fingers, and toes.

#2 – Tennis improves mental activities for kids.

Because of the skill and strategy used in determining how to beat an opponent across the net, tennis improves mental activities for kids. Children who play tennis experience an increase in reasoning, focus, and concentration. It’s also a great lesson in goal setting and achievement. As your children progress in the game, they’ll gain confidence that they can reach their goals with determination and practice.

#3 – Tennis provides a wealth of social benefits and coping skills for kids.

Tennis is an interactive game that can be played individually or in doubles. Kids learn valuable interpersonal skills such as good sportsmanship and teamwork. Tennis players are often part of tennis organizations that connect them with other kids. In most cases, kids benefit from the smaller group settings of tennis as opposed to larger group sport where many kids are involved.

Times can get stressful, even for kids, and tennis gives them a useful outlet for stress. Learning healthy ways to manage stress is an essential life skill. Also, it puts kids at a lower risk for anxiety and depression.

#4 – It’s easy to get kids involved in tennis.

As far as logistics go, tennis is an easy sport to get playing. There’s not a lot of equipment to buy. A racket and balls, and a few other accessories to make the game smoother is all that’s needed to get started. While equipment can range in price, you and find quality rackets at an affordable price.

Where can your kids play tennis? Many middle and high schools offer tennis. Community tennis organizations are an excellent way for your kids to play the sport. They offer tennis summer camps and after-school programs. Furthermore, you could find a personal tennis instruction for your child if you want a more individualized approach.

#5 – Tennis is a lifelong sport and community for your kids.

Your child’s tennis journey can last a lifetime. It’s a sport that kids can learn and grow in, and continue to play into adulthood. Establishing good fitness habits as a child will really help your kids maintain a healthy lifestyle as an adult. And as adults, they’ll continue to enjoy all those health benefits from a fast-paced tennis match!

Tennis is more than a game–It’s a community. Your kids (and you!) will be joining a supportive group of likeminded athletes and coaches who root for and encourage each other. Many kids who play tennis grow up to give back to the tennis community through coaching and volunteering.

If you’re trying to choose a sport for your child, we’d love for you to consider tennis at Cheltenham Youth Tennis. Feel free to contact and discover what program is best for your child.