Are you searching for an after-school activity that your child will love and learn from? Do you need a program that fits your schedule and budget? Then an after-school tennis program might be just what you’re looking for!

With so many programs available for kids these days, it can be tough to figure out which one is best for your family. Not only does the program have to pique your interest, but it has to align with all the varying work schedules that parents face today. You don’t want to enroll your child in just any program. You want one that will really help them to be physically and mentally active, along with the chance to make new friends.

How can you tell is an after-school tennis program is right for your family? Here are some common situations.

Your child wants to play tennis, but your school doesn’t have a tennis program.

If your child has been wanting to play tennis but doesn’t have the opportunity at school, then an after-school tennis program is just what you’re looking for. A community program will give them all the instruction and practice that a school-based program can. They’ll begin to learn the game and grow their skills while surrounded by other kids who love the game.

You need to find an after-school program for your child due to your work schedule, and you’d like them to be active.

Many parents, especially those with elementary-aged children, need to find care for their children in the hours between school and the end of their workday. School-sponsored programs often focus on homework or open play. But you’re looking for a program that will really promote exercise and sportsmanship. An after-school tennis program is an excellent option for kids who need an active way to spend their time before parents can pick them up.

Your child is homeschooled, and you’re looking for a group for them to interact with other kids.

It doesn’t matter what format a child’s school is, they can still benefit from an after-school tennis program! For homeschoolers who want to play with other kids in an active sport, tennis is a fun way to connect. Kids learn lots of social skills from practicing and competing against each other. Most importantly, the environment is supportive and encouraging, so it’s a safe place for kids to learn to interact with each other.

You have a teenager who wants to volunteer and learn leadership skills.

After-school tennis programs are not just for younger kids, teens can benefit greatly from volunteering at a community program. Teens who play the game can help younger kids learn the skills and strategy of tennis. It’s rewarding for them to give back, and it looks great on a college application packet. It can be especially beneficial for teens who are interested in pursuing a teaching or coaching career.

Sign your kids up for a local after-school tennis program today!

As you can see, there are many benefits to getting your child enrolled in an after-school tennis program. A quick internet search should identify local organizations that offer programs. If you’re local to the area, we’d love to talk to you about our programs.